Situated within the Bonito town limits in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Gruta do Mimoso is a highlight of what is one of Brazil’s main ecotourism destinations. Located about 300 km from Campo Grande, Bonito has been named “Best in Travel and Tourism” 16 times as the best ecotourism destination in the country. The region of the Bodoquena Mountain Range, where we are nestled, is a paradise of enchanting places. Its unique natural wonders include our partially-submerged cave, which has for years sparked the interest of explorers and visitors thanks to its many rock formations, which create a vibrant and breathtaking subaquatic landscape.

How to find us

Gruta do Mimoso is located approximately 318 km from the state capital, Campo Grande, and 29.5 km from Bonito. The town has its own airport, the Bonito Regional Airport (BYO) which is located 15 km from downtown and has regular flights served by Gol and Azul airlines.

While the Bonito Regional Airport is the most practical option for visitors who prefer to fly directly to their destination, you also have the option of landing at the Campo Grande Airport. From here, you can continue on to Bonito via rental car or shuttle service leaving directly from the airport. This is often a more affordable option during periods when direct flights to Bonito are more expensive.

Campo Grande International Airport - Campo Grande - MS

Bonito Airport - Bonito - MS

Road to Bonito - MS

The city has a more convenient airport for those who have Bonito as their final destination, with regular flights, although at slightly higher prices, or you can land at Campo Grande Airport.
If you land in Campo Grande, you can continue to Bonito by rental car, bus departing from the Campo Grande bus station, or with shared transportation departing from the airport itself.


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