Gruta do Mimoso is the only licensed cave in Brazil that offers this range of activities, from scenic tours to advanced cave dives. The cave offers unique formations which the international diving community considers one of the most beautiful in the world. Only partially submerged, the main room can be toured without entering the water, which makes it a can’t-miss option for lovers of new adventures and discovery.

Scenic Tour

Upon arrival, you’ll receive the orientation and equipment needed to enjoy the tour. You’ll then be accompanied by your guide to the trailhead, which offers a lovely view of the hill where the cavern is located and a chance to see the fauna and flora that call it home. At the cave entrance, you’ll descend about 78 steps into the cavern (the number may vary depending on the water level), offering the opportunity to admire the stunning geological formations of the Gruta do Mimoso and its crystal-clear lake.


After getting equipment and instructions in our welcome area, you’ll enjoy an easy 300-meter walk to our training deck along a trail that allows you to see the wide diversity of fauna and flora offered by the Brazilian Cerrado. At our training deck, your group will receive the training needed for the snorkeling tour in order to ensure everyone is comfortable in the environment. The activity lasts 1.5 hours on average, with 45 minutes in the lake. You’ll follow a circular route, with illumination provided in spots where the cavern may be a bit dark. This complete experience makes the perfect addition to your itinerary of activities in Bonito.

Lake Dive - Discover Scuba Diving

If you’re not scuba certified yet, but would like to explore the subaquatic wonders of the Gruta do Mimoso, this is the perfect activity for you. Through our Discover Scuba Diving program, you’ll have the opportunity to go diving in the cavern lake under the supervision of an instructor. When you arrive you’ll meet your instructor, who will guide you through your orientation for the dive and the proper use of your equipment. During the dive, you’ll see some beautiful underwater formations while staying in the open-water area of the cavern (where you’ll always have direct access to the surface, in accordance with international safety standards).

Lake Dive - Certified Divers

Proof of certification must be provided. If not, your dive will be considered a Discover Scuba Dive, with the associated restrictions and fees. This program offers an incredible opportunity for certified divers to explore Gruta do Mimoso accompanied by a guide, diving in the main room where you’ll see some of our beautiful formations and the beginning of the conduit leading to the. Please note that this activity is seasonal and only available when the water reaches at least 8 meters in depth.

Cavern Discovery Dive

This dive requires the Open Water certification or similar and at least 25 registered dives (in addition to training dives) or Advanced Open Water certification. This dive occurs near the sunlit area of the cavern, but this activity is designed for experienced open water divers with the necessary skills who can fully manage their buoyancy. If the diver is not deemed able to enter the conduit, the dive will be restricted to the open water area. Please note that this activity is seasonal and only available when the water is a minimum of 8 meters.

Cavern Dive

The Cavern Dive at Gruta do Mimoso is an incredible experience for divers with Cavern Diver certification, or equivalent, who wish to explore the underwater caves in a safe and controlled environment. With a maximum depth of 18 meters, it is designed for divers aged 18 or over. The number of divers per guide is determined on a case-by-case basis in order to guarantee safety throughout the experience. Ticket purchase includes two guided dives and the use of 2 simple tanks or 1 double tank (depending on the diver’s training), and lasts a half-day period. Please note that aside from the included tanks, equipment is not included in the package price but may be rented with advance notice.

Intro to Cave Dive

The Intro to Cave Dive is a thrilling option for experienced divers. To participate, an Intro to Cave or equivalent certification is required in order to guarantee that divers have the skills and knowledge necessary for diving in subterranean environments. Divers must be over 18 years of age, and the maximum depth permitted is 30 meters. The activity lasts a half-day period, allowing participants to make the most of this unique experience. The number of divers per guide will be determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure the safety and quality of experience for all participants. Ticket purchase includes: 2 guided dives and 2 tanks (in the configuration that best suits the diver’s training). Additional equipment may be rented on site upon request.

Cave Dive

The Cave Dive at Gruta do Mimoso is a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience for divers with Cave/Full Cave certification or the equivalent. With a maximum depth of 40 meters, this dive is designed for divers aged 18+ who wish to explore the deeper parts of Gruta do Mimoso - a mysterious and fascinating environment. Ticket purchase includes 2 guided dives and 2 tanks in the configuration that suits the diver’s training. Please note that the price does not include additional equipment, but that equipment rental is available on-site upon request.

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